Meet Patsy


Hi, I'm Patsy!

I love a good tan, and that “just off the beach glow” is such a confidence boost!

My passion is helping others achieve a tan without sun damage.

Wear your sunscreen for protection outside, and come visit me for your beautiful sunless tan!


Growing up in Florida, I LOVED the sun. Unfortunately it has resulted in cancerous spots, surgeries, and regular dermatology visits that usually end with biopsies. This lead me to spray tanning, and I fell in love!

I am a Master Certified through Spray Tan Class, and hold certifications with Spray Tan Academy and Norvell University. I use a variety of spray tan solutions, which I can customize for each person. Because every BODY deserves to be glowing!


If you’re pasty, come see Patsy

At our private home studio, we offer safe, natural and cruelty free tanning solutions. Each visit consists of a Pre-Tan Treatment, your Customized Spray Tan, and a Post-Tan Treatment.

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